Egyptian Foreign Ministry celebrates International Day of Women in Diplomacy

CAIRO, June 24 (MENA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday celebrated the International Day of Women in Diplomacy, established by UN General Assembly Resolution 76/269 in 2022, in recognition of the active contribution of women in diplomatic work.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the honorable national journey of Egyptian female diplomats over the past half-century.

In a statement released on Monday, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that since the recruitment of the first woman into the diplomatic corps in 1964, it has recognized the important and influential role of women in the field of diplomacy. This has placed the Ministry at the forefront of foreign ministries that have enabled women to work and hold leadership positions in this field, added the statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its pride in celebrating this occasion, emphasizing its commitment to achieving gender equality, empowering women, and providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in contributing to and leading diplomatic work. This is evidenced by the fact that in recent years, the proportion of women joining the diplomatic corps has reached nearly 50 percent, read the statement.

Since joining the diplomatic service, Egyptian women have prioritized the nation’s interests in various positions both within and outside Egypt, including in crisis and conflict zones. They have demonstrated professionalism and the ability to endure hardships, recording inspiring success stories, including holding leadership positions in national institutions and international organizations.

The Ministry affirmed that Egyptian diplomacy will remain a rich national school, full of its members, both women and men, who provide an honorable model of work and dedication for the elevation and leadership of the nation among the world’s countries.(MENA)

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