Egyptian exports to carry Tahrir Square emblem

Egypt is considering stamping its exports with the Egyptian flag or an emblem representing Cairo's Tahrir Square in a bid to promote its products in foreign markets, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Samir al-Sayyed said.

A central gathering point during the 18-day pro-democracy uprising that ended with the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Tahrir Square was at the forefront of world media coverage.

At a press conference on Monday, al-Sayyed said the Egyptian flag and Tahrir Square have recently become some of the world’s most famous symbols. He added that a local campaign will be launched to promote domestic products that relies on the spirit of the revolution to solicit a love for Egypt.

Al-Sayyed added that his ministry has prepared a stimulus package that will invigorate industrial production, broaden the manufacturing base–especially on the level of small and medium-sized industries–and offset a shortfall in exports.

The minister added that the package aims at reinforcing investors' confidence in Egypt's economy as they kick off industrial activities from this year through 2012.

Al-Sayyed revealed that his ministry is reconsidering mechanisms governing the allocation of lands for industrial facilities in a way that provides more space for young industrialists. He added that the new measures will ensure the allocations are made within 48 hours from submitting an application to the Industrial Development Authority.

The minister added that the government is considering postponing installments due by factories in order to provide them with capital liquidity. He also revealed that more attention will be given to new exporters, who he said will enjoy a program for improving their products and qualifying them to obtain quality certificates.

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