Court sets January 3 to hear lawsuit opposing suspension of Zamalek board of directors

Egypt’s administrative court on Sunday set January 3 to consider the lawsuit filed by former chief of Zamalek club Mortada Mansour and board members Ahmed Adel Abdel Fattah, Ismail Youssef, Ahmed Mortada, Mohamed Anwar and Sherifa Kamal, calling to cancel the suspension of board of directors.

The lawsuit demanded the Ministry retract its decision, which included the formation of a temporary committee to manage the business of the Zamalek Sports Club through three members: Judge Ahmed Bakry Mohamed Hamida, Chief of Court of Appeal at Cairo Court of Appeal, and Judge Hisham Ibrahim, Chief of Court of Appeal at Cairo Court of Appeal, and the First attorney-general at Court of Cassation, Mohamed Sayed Attia.

Ministry of Youth and Sports ruled late November to dissolve Zamalek Sporting Club’s Board of Directors, which is headed by Mortada Mansour, and appoint an interim committee to run its affairs.

A ministry statement said that the decision came based on the findings of a financial and administrative inspection committee, which was formed by the ministry in September.

The statement did not elaborate on the committee’s findings. However, it confirmed the presence of financial and other irregularities, which prompted the ministry to refer the report to Egypt’s Public Prosecution.

The ministry decided to suspend and exclude the board, the executive manager, and the financial manager from any club-related affairs until the investigation is over.


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