Egyptian community in Spain to stage protest on Sunday

The Egyptian community in Spain plans to stage a protest next Sunday in front the Spanish Justice Ministry in Madrid to demand the extradition of Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem to Egypt.

Salem is accused of seizing public money and profiting illegally from natural gas export deals.

Mohamed Mahsoub, head of the international committee seeking to regain Egypt's looted money, said staging protests abroad comes as part of a plan to press the Spanish government hand over Salem.

Spanish authorities informed Ibrahim Aboul Rous, an Egyptian community leader in Spain, that they have formally approved the community's request to hold a two-hour demonstration, from 12 noon to 2 pm, in front of the Justice Ministry on Sunday, said Moataz Salah Eddin, head of the popular initiative for recovering stolen funds in Egypt, a different organization.

Some Spanish citizens would also participate in the protest, Salah Eddin said, which comes few days before the date set by the Spain's Supreme Court, 26 September, to consider Egyptian authorities' request to extradite the wanted businessman.

Salah Eddin said a volunteer Spanish lawyer, Javier Jose Garcia, has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court requesting the extradition of Salem and return of looted funds. He submitted a petition that included the signatures of 120 Egyptians residing in Spain and 250 other Spanish citizens.

Another volunteer lawyer, Matthew Fortoonati, is now seeking to obtain more signatures from the Egyptian community and Spanish citizens to file another lawsuit this week before the Supreme Court in Madrid, Salah Eddin added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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