Egyptian cabinet media center denies rumors of coronavirus at schools

Egypt’s cabinet media center denied the validity of audio messages on social media claiming that coronavirus would spread among school students.

According to a Wednesday statement, the center contacted the ministries of health and education which denied that coronavirus or other cases of epidemic viruses were present in schools anywhere in Egypt.

The ministries stressed that precautionary measures are being taken against infectious diseases, the statement said.

The statement also outlined the precautionary plan’s measures such as raising the degree of readiness, alerting all schools of the importance of a plan that prevents and deals with infectious diseases, implementing general hygiene measures within schools, and properly ventilating classes.

Further measures include applying proper health requirements in school food, medical examinations for new students, referring any students suspected of communicable diseases to hospitals and educating students on health and hygiene habits.

The statement warned citizens to avoid fearmongering rumors on social media.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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