EgyptAir increases flights to Jeddah for Umra

EgyptAir has decided to increase Umra flights to Jeddah during the first days of Ramadan in order to meet the demands of the pilgrimage season.

“We have 24 flights to Jeddah and three flights to Medina on Monday,” said EgyptAir Chairman Ayman Nasr, pointing out that all flights are leaving from Cairo International Airport, with the exception of two flights from Alexandria’s Borg al-Arab airport.

“And there are 20 flights to Jeddah and three to Medina on Tuesday, of which one is from Borg al-Arab airport,” Nasr continued, adding that the airline operated two extra flights on Sunday for pilgrims who did not have time to book tickets in advance.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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