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Egypt to stop power cuts during the summer starting July 21

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Egypt announced Monday that electricity cuts will be suspended starting from July 21 until the end of summer on September 21.

This will last for a period of about 63 days, as the Prime Minister announced in previous statements.

Ministry spokesperson Hamdi Abdel-Aziz explained that up to 21 liquefied gas shipments will arrive in Egypt during July, August, and September in addition to other shipments of diesel to solve the electricity outage crisis.

In a telephone interview with TV host Ahmed Moussa on the “Ala Massoulity” (By My Responsibility) show, Abdel-Aziz added that the National Gas Grid’s stock will be sufficient enough.

The government has already contracted for shipments of gas and diesel, he said, noting that there are shipments that have already arrived in Egypt and others currently being unloaded.

Abdel-Aziz assured that these gas and diesel shipments will end the power outage crisis during the remaining months of summer.

Following the end of the summer season there will be two or three months remaining until the end of the year, he noted, during which work will be done to reduce periods of load shedding.

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