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Egypt to reinstate daylight saving time

The Egyptian Cabinet approved a draft law regarding the return of the daylight saving time system, after abolishing it for years.

The draft law states that from the last Friday of April until the end of the last Thursday of October, Egypt will extend its time by an hour.

This comes in light of the economic conditions and changes the world is witnessing.

This is also closely related to the government’s efforts to rationalize energy use.

Egypt has been operating under summer time for several years, until it was canceled in 2015.

Egypt worked with DST under the pretext that it saves energy, and in April 2015, a referendum was held on whether to return to DST or not.

On April 20, 2015 the government canceled the DST system temporarily, and made the necessary amendments to the laws.

They also asked the ministers to work on a study to determine the feasibility of applying daylight savings time in the coming years.

The Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the electricity savings achieved from the application of daylight savings time do not have any tangible effect.

Daylight savings was expected to return in 2016, starting from July 8, but on July of that year the government confirmed canceling it.

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