Egypt renovates its oldest pyramid

Egypt is doing some housekeeping at its oldest pyramid – replacing stones and cleaning the Djoser Step Pyramid in an effort to restore the site.

The restoration works will not damage or endanger the monument, Supreme Council of Antiquities head Mostafa Amin said following a field tour Tuesday at the pyramid in Saqqara.

Renovation works are being completed according to a plan laid out to protect the pyramid, according to Amin. Workers have finished cleaning the sand and blemishes accumulated over time from its six steps to remove the added weight from the pyramid.

The restoration includes replacing worn-out stone bricks with new pieces made of the same materials, as well as replacing unstable stones to prevent their collapse. Holes and gaps on top of the six steps have also been filled.

The more than 4600-year-old pyramid was the first built by ancient Egyptians and was constructed from limestone for Pharoah Djoser, who ruled from 2686 to 2613 BC.

Six unequal steps form the pyramid, which is 62m high. Inside, the pyramid hosts a network of corridors and a granite and marble burial chamber.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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