Egypt to receive a second German submarine in June

Egypt will receive a second German-made "209/1400 Submarine" in June, as part of its plan to modernize, develop and provide the Navy with the latest naval military equipment, up to world standards.

On Monday, Egypt received its first-ever German-made "209/1400 Submarine" at the German city of Kiel.

This comes within a deal made between the two nations for four submarines to help protect Egyptian national security and its economic interests.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, commander of the Navy forces, said in an interview with MENA news agency, that the importance of raising the combat capabilities of the Navy is not just about the discovery of natural gas fields in the territorial waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

“We have economic gains such as oil, but also, we support naval forces in the defense of our territorial waters, as well as the fight against terrorism; illegal immigration; and the smuggling of weapons and goods; all of these things need a national fleet force that is capable of defending Egyptian interests and protecting national security,” Rabie added.

“Egypt is a pivotal country and it was necessary to enhance our navy capabilities with such modern submarines, which we received; including one out of the four submarines of the same class, which is intended to add to the naval capabilities of the armed forces,” he added.

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