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Egypt police explains TikTok videos reportedly from inside ‘custody’

TikTok video clips showing people inside a room similar to the police custody rooms in Egyptian police stations has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage, however the Interior Ministry issued a statement clarifying the truth about these videos.

According to Interior Ministry’s Facebook statement: “The circumstances of the clips revealed it is theatrical video clips that were circulated through TikTok, including the appearance of a person residing in Alexandria Governorate, accompanied by others, inside a room similar to the custody rooms in police stations.”

It added that: “By examining the videos, it was found that the person appearing in those aforementioned clips presented it with the participation of two people inside a hall designated for teaching show dance in Alexandria Governorate. He broadcast it through the application to delude his followers that it resembles the detention rooms in police stations to increase viewing rates to achieve material gains.”

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