Egypt launches initiative to support citizens abroad

The Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, Nabila Makram, stressed the need for young Egyptians studying abroad to have access to psychological support, in light of the problems and psychological pressures they suffer within their host countries, often resulting from different cultures.

The Minister of Immigration indicated, in a statement, that in light of the interest of the Egyptian state in its youth abroad, a new initiative was launched, aimed at providing psychological support to Egyptian youth studying abroad.

The campaign was launched under the title “Speak, do not fear… Egypt is with you”, in cooperation with the Schislong Foundation for Mental Health.

The goals of the initiative are as follows:

The “Speak, do not fear… Egypt is with you”, initiative aims to support and take into account the mental health of young Egyptians studying abroad.

– The initiative is a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs and the Schislong Foundation for Mental Health.

– All young Egyptians studying abroad can participate in the initiative, via the link.

– You can visit the official page of the initiative, via the Facebook website, through this link.


The start of the activities of the initiative “Speak .. Do not fear .. Egypt is with you” to support the mental health of young people

– To ensure confidentiality and privacy, it is possible to register in the initiative, using a pseudonym.

– The initiative is an electronic platform with a large number of therapists and psychiatrists, who can be contacted for free.

– The individual wishing to register in the initiative can set the appropriate date to attend the online sessions with the attending physician of his choice, in proportion to his health condition.

– The initiative was officially launched on Thursday, June 16th

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