Egypt launches campaign to rationalize water consumption

Egypt’s Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) has launched a campaign to rationalize water consumption across the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, chairman of the HCWW Mamdouh Raslan said that the campaign’s theme is “Every Drop Counts”, and will run for a week from 22-28 March in 24 villages across all of Egypt.

The campaign will feature involvement from various ministries and governmental bodies in order to raise awareness of water usage and spread a healthy culture of water conservation.

Raslan stated that water companies in all governorates are participating in the campaign for the second year in a row, in conjunction with World Water Day celebrations and in cooperation with the ministries participating in the campaign.

He added that the HCWW will continue to improve drinking water and public sanitation services across the country.

What distinguishes this national campaign is a concentrated effort between the different agencies and ministries concerned with the rationalization campaign to unite efforts, Raslan said, added that messages are being made to reach all age groups and encourage water conservation as a national interest.

According to Raslan, participants have set features for the national campaign to carry out awareness activities to last a week.

He gave an example of the Religious Endowments Ministry dedicating the Friday sermon on 22 March to raising awareness towards the importance of rationalizing water consumption. The Coptic Orthodox Church also announced it would allocate a Sunday sermon on 24 March to discuss water conservation.

Cultural and artistic activities will be aimed towards Egyptian women to encourage them to teach their families the values of rationalization towards future generations.

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ezz Eddin Abo Setit announced last year that Egypt suffers from water scarcity and falls below the level of water poverty, according to the international classification of countries where per capita of water has decreased.

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