Egypt issues guidelines for hotels and resorts during coronavirus crisis

Egypt’s Chamber of Hotel Establishments has set a number of general guidelines that must be adhered to when operating hotels and tourist resorts amid the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a statement issued by the chamber on Wednesday, the requirements for practicing water tourism activities — especially underwater diving — include the need to disinfect diving equipment such as the diver organizer, face mask, snorkel, BCD buoy and diving suit by submerging them in a 10 percent bleach solution.

Passengers on marine and diving trips are obliged to use only their own equipment throughout the trip and to refrain from sharing it with anyone or mixing it in with the tools or equipment of others.

The guidelines also require a commitment to cleaning shared surfaces such as door handles and desktops, as well as places that many people frequent, such as bathrooms.

In addition, the guidelines stipulate that a thermometer should be available on board boats and at tourist installations, in order to measure the temperature of those participating in safari and diving trips.

Gym, sports and spa facilities need to be disinfected every hour or after each use, and there must be space provided between equipment.

Showering at gyms is prohibited, as is the use of jacuzzi, sauna, steam and massages.

Bathrooms inside gyms should be disinfected every hour, and visitors from outside the hotel should not be allowed to use the hotel’s services.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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