Egypt imposes restrictions on Japan imports

The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to impose tight restrictions on food imports from Japan and its neighboring countries. This was prompted by fears that Japanese imports may be affected by radiation leaks from Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, after a strong earthquake hit the country on Thursday.

In statements to the press on Sunday, Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadeed said the restrictions will be imposed on animal and plant-based products as well as crops, most importantly wheat.

Abu Hadeed added that the agricultural and veterinary quarantines will coordinate efforts with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority to determine criteria to ensure agricultural and animal products entering Egypt are radiation-free.

Egypt imports more than 40 different products from south-east Asia, including fish, dairy products and fertilizers.

The head of the Central Department of Veterinary Quarantine Youssef Shalabi, meanwhile, said a committee of experts from the General Authority of Veterinary Services will be formed to follow up on the developments in Japan and their likely impact on products imported from that part of Asia.

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