Egypt contracts international tourism company to promote tourism in St. Catherine

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian Tourism Authority, contracted with international tourism company “Twenty31” to prepare a strategy to globally promote the city of St. Catherine in South Sinai as an appealing tourist destination.

The city, with its distinguished location and unique status as a sacred spot, also boasts a spot on the  World Heritage List.

The head of the authority Amr al-Kady indicated that this strategy will enhance the position of Saint Catherine on the world tourism map, promote it in all local and international media, and attract more tourists from all around the globe to bask in its unique sanctity as an incubator of the three monotheistic religions.

This strategy will also involve researching the international markets exporting tourism to determine the type tourists who might be interested in visiting a city like St. Catherine, he said.

The strategy also includes holding meetings with international experts specialized in this matter to develop the appropriate promotional strategy and outline creative ideas for the advertising campaign to promote Saint Catherine internationally.

And ministry is also producing a promotional film about the city to highlight its sanctity and its tourist, archaeological, environmental and spiritual components.

Twenty31 had previously been contracted to prepare a media strategy to promote Egypt as a vibrant global tourist destination.

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