Egypt authorities: 25-year-old, IED behind church bombing

A 25-year-old person was behind the suicide church bombing that killed 23 and injured up to 100 in Alexandria, according to findings by Egypt's Ministry of Interior.

The conclusion was made after examining 45 pieces of human remains at the scene of the blast.

Media outlets quoted ministry sources as revealing that the culprit had used a 25-kilogram improvised explosive device (IED), which he possibly carried in a school bag. Meanwhile, crime-scene investigators managed to collect fingerprints of 118 dead and injured victims in order to identify them.

The same sources revealed that the blast occurred earlier than planned as the suicide bomber accidentally ignited the bomb with his body while outside the church.

Investigators also discovered that the IED contained several chemical substances mixed with TNT, along with tinplates and iron fragments that caused severe mutilation of the bodies.

Specialized units at the interior ministry had managed to draw a picture of the bomber in order to identify him through the government citizens’ database. 

On Wednesday, the ministry announced the discovery of an unidentified corpse which it suspects of belonging to the suicide bomber.

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