Egypt announces details of tax-free car import for expats

Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, announced on Monday the official steps and conditions for importing cars from abroad: completely exempt from customs, and the method of bringing it into Egypt.

The decision states that an Egyptian citizen with a valid legal residence abroad has the right to import one private passenger car for personal use.


This use thrn becomes exempt from taxes and fees, as part of facilities granted to Egyptian expatriates.

In return for the exemption, the Egyptian expatriate would deposit an amount of money with a bank account that is held by the Ministry of Finance.

However the importer of the car must be the first owner of the car.

If the importer is not the first owner of the car, the year of manufacturing must be no older than 2019 for the vehicle. 

The importer must provide  special and atypical features and settings that the car specifies while applying for the import request.

It is prohibited to import cars with specifications that are not allowed to be licensed in Egypt, according to road registration laws.


Examples of this are cars with right-hand drive, and cars with prohibited features and settings that cannot be separated from the car without damage.

The decision indicated that a bank account is to be opened in US dollars in the name of the Ministry of Finance at the National Bank of Egypt No. (173100167), to which the cash amount due for the car in foreign currency is transferred when the initial registration procedures are complete. 

Any other fees that may arise later as a result of re-settlement should be transferred to the same account.

The applicant submits a set of required documents via the platform allocated for the process, which are:

Upload the following documents to the platform in preparation for the initial registration of the vehicle:

1. A color copy of a national ID card, an Egyptian passport, or an Egyptian birth certificate, as the case may be.

2. A valid legal residence document issued by the country in which the expat has the right to reside, or a valid foreign passport: in which ever case applies. 

3. The bank account statement or the bank certificate, in accordance with what is stipulated in this resolution, including the date of opening the account.

4. Marriage registration or birth certificate, as the case may be, to prove kinship in the event that the applicant is a member of an Egyptian family who has the right to reside abroad (spouse or children).

Just in case, the bank statement or the bank certificate are sufficient.

The issued decision stipulates that after opening an e-account, the applicant shall perform the initial registration of the car by filling in its basic data, which includes: the type of car, whether it is new or used, the date of the first license, the first owner or otherwise, the country of origin, the year of manufacture, the liter capacity, the shipment port, the extent to which it contains special, exceptional or atypical features, and whether or not the conditions for applying an international trade agreement are met.

Once the required data is filled in, the platform automatically determines the cash amount due on the car according to the financial values ​​contained in the tables specified in this regard, which includes 100 percent of the value of the total taxes and fees that should be paid to release the car. These include the value-added tax, schedule tax, customs tax, state financial resources development fee, and other administrative fees.

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