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Egypt achieves its highest ever rate of tourist traffic in 2023

Inbound tourism rates to Egypt in 2023 achieved an all-time record high with up to 14.9 million tourists, a number the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said has exceeded tourist rates in 2010.

It pointed out that 2010 was considered the peak year, as Egypt had received 14.3 million tourists.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa, said during a forum for the ministry’s leaders on Sunday that the country has achieved growth in the number of tourists ranging by six and seven percent in the first 40 days of the year.

Issa discussed the ministry’s work plans and policies during the coming period.

He also reviewed the most prominent developments witnessed by the tourism and antiquities sector in Egypt on a regular basis with its leaders.

During the meeting, the minister presented the national strategy for tourism development in Egypt over the past year, noting the importance of all the existing leaders who lead approximately 28,000 employees working in the ministry.

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