E-battle erupts between ElBaradei, Mubarak Jr. supporters

The conflict between supporters of Mohamed Elbaradei–a would-be candidate in next year’s presidential elections–and Gamal Mubarak–son of President Hosni Mubarak–is now being waged on the Internet.

Mubarak supporters have launched a campaign on social networking website Facebook aimed at collecting five million electronic signatures in support of his nomination in next year’s elections.

The campaign comes in response to attempts by ElBaradei supporters to garner one million signatures for their candidate, of which they have already reportedly obtained some 300,000.

Gamal Mubarak campaigners posted his picture on the site, along with a song in his praise. They said they had obtained 1600 signatures on the first day of their campaign alone, indicating the public’s confidence in the younger Mubarak as leader.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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