Dust storms suspend aviation movement in Aswan Airport

Flights were suspended at Aswan Airport on Saturday due to dust storms that also brought other means of transportation in the governorate to a halt, an official told MENA.

The news agency quoted an official from the governor's office as saying that since early in the morning many cities in Aswan have been subject to huge dust storms, keeping planes on the ground.

State TV also said that dust storms brought traffic on the highways linking Aswan's cities to a halt on Saturday.

River navigation, used heavily by tourists, was suspended as well.

Aswan, on the Nile in the far south of the country, is home to pharaonic ruins that help draw millions of tourists to Egypt each year.

The industry's high season doesn't usually start until fall, when the weather is cooler.

MENA reported that the police are keeping 17 buses carrying 154 tourists at Abu Simple Temple until the weather gets better.

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