Driver accused of attempted assassination of MP arrested

Security staff in Beheira on Saturday arrested the driver of a truck which collided with the car of Hassan al-Brince, the head of parliament’s health committee, according to state news agency MENA.

Brince was seriously injured in the collision on Kafr al-Dawar Agricultural Road, which some suspect was planned.

MENA reported that Ahmed Salem Gad, Beheria's security chief, was notified by Kafr al-Dawar police that the driver had been arrested. The driver, Gaballah Farag, 32, lives in Abees al-Thawra in Kafr al-Dawar.

The driver said he does not know Brince. After unloading his cargo at Kom Esho village in Kafr al-Dawar, Farag set out to take the road to Alexandria. While making the turn, Brince’s car bumped into the rear of his truck, said the driver when questioned.

Farag said he drove off because he noticed residents gather at the site of the crash and feared they might assault him.

The Freedom and Justice Party’s Alexandria branch issued a statement on Friday saying an assassination attempt occurred after Brince received death threats for preparing a report recommending former President Hosni Mubarak be transferred to the hospital at Tora Prison.

The Interior Ministry, meanwhile, said on its Facebook page that the accident was an ordinary traffic accident and that no gunfire was shot at

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