Why don’t you burn the poor, Minister?

The Supply Minister almost doesn’t miss a month to come up with a decision intended to bring more suffering to the poor. And I don’t know why he makes himself busy with those? Why doesn’t he collect the beneficiaries from the ration cards system and queue them up in the street then set them ablaze and feel relief?!

It is saddening that the person who is responsible for the food of the poor is a minister belonging to that class, which sees that the poor as riffraff, stinky, and doesn’t deserve even a sip of water! It even hurts that the government itself changed after it received some money, and forgot the past times, and now sees the poor and the needy as a burden that must be thrown in the Nile before it’s dried up!

All the decisions of the ministers concerned with the situation of the poor prove the same conclusion! But in fact, the Supply Minister has crossed all the lines! I admit that I rushed to rejoice his swearing in as a Supply Minister, and apparently my joy was psychological as we all have this nostalgia to Mubarak days with all its downs, and ministers. God bless the old days of Mubarak and its corruption.

But I forgot amid my joy with Ali al-Meselhy taking the office that this minister Mubarak got rid of him after the first crisis he made with the poor! So I don’t understand the reason behind keeping Meselhy in office now, otherwise what he does is met with welcome and blessing form above!

I don’t understand his latest decision to limit bread dispersal to bakery in the holder’s permanent residency, with the pretext to end manipulation. From where manipulation may come when the cards are electronic and all bread purchases are registered in the system with all details of the citizen?!

Then the minister has a real and sharp hatred of the poor. Sometimes he reduces the amounts of subsidized flour to the bakeries, then puts restrictions to places of dispersing the bread. And he is always ready with his argument that he “prevents manipulation” and only this minister misuses his powers with such decisions!

But in fact this minister isn’t the only minister who hates the poor, the Social Solidarity Minister also ignores many poor people saying that they are not registered in the official documents, however they do exist. The Education Minister in the Japanese schools experiment hopes that this is a change to improve the education of the poor, but the government saw it as a change to make new schools with special fees that only the rich would be able to pay for. Then what about the education of the poor, your Excellency?

Mohammed Ali Pasha collected street children in his time and they were then 300,000 children from Alexandria to Aswan, and introduced them to the technical schools, and educated them in the French and English languages, and sent them in training grants abroad, and after five years he was able to provide Egypt with 300,000 skilled workers in various trades, and they are who built the modern Egypt!

But our government sees that the people don’t even deserve a loaf of bread! I do not know any reason why they feel this superiority over the Egyptians, they are not children of Pashas!

King Farouk and before him King Fuad were probably kind to Egyptians and the poor ones. Education under the reign of King Fuad and King Farouk produced Taha Hussein, Manfalouti, Yahya al-Mashhad, Nabawiyya Musa, Bent al-Shati, Hekmat Abu Zaid, Suheir Al Qalmawi and Abbas al-Akkad, who only studied the until primary school.

But our government applies the method of Ibrahim Pasha, son of Muhamad Ali, who thought that illiterate people are easy to rule. It is enough for you to switch between the screens of satellite channels now to be assured about this scheme, all the evening programs are now providing entertainment materials and completely away from public affairs!

I don’t object to fun time, but when you block the ways before the poor to complain, and at the same time increase the pressure on them, what do you expect as a reaction? There is only one reaction. So I do not understand what Meselhy wants exactly. Might he be a fifth column?!

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