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Dog owner in fatal Sheikh Zayed dog attack sentenced to 3 years in prison

Al-Masry Al-Youm obtained the merits of the ruling issued by the Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court sentencing the husband of broadcaster Amira Shanab to three years in prison and a bail of LE10,000 for his negligence that lead to a fatal dog attack in late February.

The court also sentenced the house manager for two years in prison, and a bail of LE1,000 on charges of causing the death of a bank manager as a result of being bitten by a pitbull owned by the first defendant.

The court stated that a veterinary medical report showed that the dog was free of any abnormal symptoms and that it received all the necessary vaccinations and a license.

Thee Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals stated that the dog in question – which had been under veterinary observation for a period of fifteen days – received all the required vaccinations and was licensed, but did not go out for walks much as evident from its nails and the base of the foot.

The dog is aggressive with male dogs only and it is clear that he did not come into contact with many dogs, the report said, adding the dog was friendly with people – even strangers provided that they dealt with him calmly.

The dog behaved nervously around rapid or sudden movements and perceived any raised hand as a potential attack.

The report stated that with training, the dog became calmer when walking, and responded to guidance, adding it did not receive obedience or attack training before.

The Forensic Medicine Authority’s report on the victim’s body stated that details on the original injury had changed due to external factors that occurred after he was bitten, including surgery.


A savage attack

The Public Prosecution received a report on February 27 from the victim’s wife that he had been injured, taken to the hospital and ended up in a coma.

The Public Prosecutor ordered the suspect be remanded in custody pending investigation.

Authorities heard the statements of the victim’s family, a neighbor in the same property, and three workers in the residential complex.

The witness statements concluded that the victim had returned home with his son when they noticed that the defendant’s dog was unleashed and un-muzzled.

Worried, they went to the defendant’s flat and asked them to tie up the dog. The victim and his son knocked on the door and a maid opened, and at that instant, the victim was attacked severely by the dog.

The victim was taken to hospital for first aid, but his heart stopped during surgery. He was resuscitated and transferred to the intensive care unit where he went into a coma and soon passed away.

Statements of the witnesses before the Public Prosecution revealed that the dog had previously attacked the victim and a neighbor at the same property.

The victims didn’t report these incidents to the authorities.

The investigations also found that the dog was constantly attacking neighbors on the street because he was able to jump from the wall of the garden of the defendant’s residence.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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