Doctors hold health minister responsible for colleague disappearance

Ahmed Atef, the coordinator of Doctors' Youth Coalition, mysteriously disappeared while on duty at Nile Hospital in Shubra, said Engy Abdallah, a doctor and one of the coordinators of an ongoing doctors strike, on Thursday morning.

The Doctors' Youth Coalition members are holding the Health Minister Amr Helmy, who had previously stressed that none of the strikers would be harmed, fully responsible for Atef's disappearance. The coalition members said they would stage a protest within hours to demand an explanation for the mysterious disappearance of their colleague.  

The coalition threatened to call on all Health Ministry employees to stage an open-ended sit-in and full strike if the minister is not sacked.

The health minister deceived the people and media when he claimed to be from Tahrir, a supporter of the revolution, said the coalition in a statement.

The coalition added that the minister has increased the wages of doctors at the expense of poor patients.

Through different formations, such as the Parliament of Doctors and Doctors Without Rights movements, medical professionals have been protesting conditions in the field through various channels, including partial strikes.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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