Dismal weather delays enterprise

At least eight people have been injured in vehicle crashes due to inclement weather that has brought sand storms and rain and lowered visibility in some areas.

Five people were injured in North Sinai on Tuesday after a bus overturned on the Qantara-Rafah International Road due to bad weather, according to the North Sinai Security Department.

A cold spell that has brough lows of 5C is expected to ease after Thursday night, experts have said.

The weather has also caused metro delays. In Cairo, passengers were angry after a power outage halted subway traffic Wednesday morning. The operating company reduced train speed and operated the cars manually until power was restored, according to a metro official.

Rough seas had also prompted official warnings earlier this week and the closure of several ports since Monday. Red Sea Port Authority head Mohamed Gaballah told state TV that the ports reopened Tuesday night as weather conditions improved.

Port Said's east and west docks were operating, despite high waves, but the Arish seaport remains closed for the third day, according to a local port authority official.

International navigation through the Suez Canal was back to normal on Wednesday, with 41 ships traveling through the waterway in the morning, according to Suez Canal Authority head Mohab Mamish.

In South Sinai, a governorate official said heavy rain had led to the closure of the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel on the highway leading to Sharm el-Sheikh.

In Damietta, in the northern Nile Delta, three people were injured in car crashes.  Heavy rain, high wind and lightning were reported for the third day in the governorate.

Trade activity in Damietta, famous for its furniture manufacturers, was also paralyzed by the rain. Damietta marine port was also closed and fishing activities were halted in Ezbet al-Borg city, which is home to more than two-thirds of the country's fishing fleet.

Meteorologists predicted temperatures would get slightly warmer after Thursday night and high winds would ease. Rainfall over the weekend is expected to be confined to the northern coast and Sinai, while frost is expected south of Cairo and in central Sinai.

"The source of that cold is a mass of air that has reached us from southern Europe, which is a very cold area at this time of the year," said Wahid Saudi of the General Authority for Meteorology.

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