Diplomat accuses Yemeni president of assassination attempt

Former Yemeni Ambassador to the Arab League Abdel Malik Mansour on Sunday accused Yemen's president of planning an attempt to assassinate Mansour at his home in south Cairo.

"Bikers attacked my house with grenades and fire bottles at 3 am early Sunday," Mansour told reporters.

Mansour accused President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his loyalists of plotting Mansour's assassination to avenge his support for the uprising.

On 22 March, Mansour announced his support for the Yemen uprising and demanded the removal of Saleh, who has been in power since 1979.

In April, Saleh replaced Mansour with Mohamed al-Haisamy as Yemen's Arab League representative.

Egypt's Interior Ministry said in a statement that the attackers burned a balcony and a small room before fleeing on their motorbikes. However, the ministry did not suggest it was an assassination attempt.

The building's janitor gave a description of the attackers, and Giza Security Department has formed a task force to identify and arrest them, the statement said.

In August, Maareb Press, a Yemeni opposition website, said members of Yemen’s national security services had arrived in Cairo to kill certain Egypt-based opposition figures.

The report was not confirmed by independent press sources.

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