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Details of the 40.5 percent high yield CDs from Emirates NBD – Egypt bank

The Emirates NBD – Egypt bank announced the launch of three new certificates of deposits (CDs) with competitive returns exceeding 40.5 percent, as part of the bank’s desire to provide a wide and diverse package of CDs that suit its various customers.


Savings certificates from Emirates NBD – Egypt

Emirates NBD – Egypt explained that the new set of savings certificates consists of a prepaid savings certificate with a return of 40.5 percent for a period of three years, with a cumulative return rate of 18.89 percent annually.

The minimum amount for issuing this certificate starts at LE100,000 and in multiples of LE10,000, while customers can obtain a loan of up to 30 percent of the value of the certificate.

The bank also announced the offering of an eight-year certificate with a variable return of 21 percent annually, with a minimum of LE5,000 and multiples of LE 1,000.

The return is disbursed monthly, provided that the certificate’s rate of return is linked to the return rate announced by the Central Bank of Egypt.


Details of Emirates NBD – Egypt CDs

The bank said that this comes in addition to the distinctive triple savings certificate with a fixed annual return of 21 percent disbursed monthly, with a fixed annual return of 21.5 percent disbursed quarterly, and a fixed annual return of 22 percent disbursed annually.

The minimum limit for issuing the certificate with a monthly and quarterly return starts from LE 200,000, while the minimum limit for issuing CDs with an annual return starts from one million pounds.

The Emirates NBD – Egypt bank stressed its desire to meet the various needs of its customers, and therefore it has offered various savings certificates to customers – whether they wish to obtain a fixed or variable rate of return.

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