Demonstrators storm EgyptAir office in Milan in protest of deportation

Demonstrators stormed the Milan office of the Egyptian airline company, EgyptAir, protesting the Italian government's decision to deport two Egyptians who participated in demonstrations organized by irregular immigrants.

US news website CNN reported that the protesters were supporters of immigrants’ rights in Italy and belonged to a group called "Rights for Everyone."

Official Italian sources said that the police were able to break up the protesters, but did not disclose any further details.

Italian authorities ruled to deport the two Egyptians following protests organized by immigrants in Brescia, in solidarity with protesters who staged a two week sit-in on top of a crane. One Egyptian, one Moroccan and two Pakistanis participated in the sit-in.

Although the decision to deport the Egyptians was based on the fact that they were living in Italy illegally, their lawyer was quoted by the Italian news agency (AKI) saying that the judicial ruling against his clients was not final.

The lawyer said that his clients had filed a motion to correct their status last year, but it was rejected. He explained that they still had a chance, as their case is scheduled to appear before the court of appeals.

In Cairo, Mohamed Abdel Hakam, assistant to the Foreign Minister, announced that the Italian authorities had arrested the two Egyptians in Milan.

Abdel Hakam stated that the arrest of the two Egyptians came after they had orchestrated demonstrations in Brescia on immigration policy in which irregular immigrants of a variety of nationalities participated.

Abdel Hakam urged Egyptian residents and expatriates living abroad to respect the laws of their host countries.

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