Death toll in Egypt reaches 30

Thirty people were killed and 1,138 others injured in Friday clashes across Egypt, ambulance authority chief Dr. Mohamed Sultan said.
Al-Arabiya satellite channel meanwhile cited medical sources at noon Saturday as saying 36 people had been killed in nationwide violence.
In eastern Alexandria's Sidi Gaber area, 14 were killed and 200 injured, in addition to hundreds more who were treated at a nearby field hospital, head of the city's ambulance authority, Amr Nasr, said.
The wounded, Nasr explained, were rushed to the Anfoushy and Sporting hospitals after Alexandria's University Public, Ras al-Tin General, East Alexandria and Mostafa Kamel hospitals were comletely filled with the victims of the clashes.
Fifty-two suspects were arrested for alleged involvement in the Sidi Gaber clashes between supporters and opponents of former President Mohamed Morsy.
According to Alexandria Investigation Department chief Major General Nasser al-Abd, two snipers manning nearby rooftops were arrested after being found to be in possession of grenades, firearms and birdshot.
The police is closely combing Sidi Gaber in search of other suspects and has surrounded buildings where suspected snipers are believed to be hiding, Abd added. 
The Muslim Brotherhood meanwhile said 12 of its members were killed in the Sidi Gaber clashes, blaming “the thugs backed by security forces and military police in front of the northern military region” in a statement.
The Brotherhood announced the names of six of its victims: Adel Shalaby, Amr Farouq, Ahmed Yehya, Gamal Zaghloul, Abdallah Awad and Mohamed Mohie.
Street battles pitched between pro and anti-Morsy crowds in Cairo saw violent clashes centre on 6th of October Bridge and the Nile Corniche close to the state-television Maspero building.
Elsewhere, five police officers were gunned down in separate incidents around the North Sinai town of Arish, Reuters reported Saturday. 
State-run news agency MENA meanwhile reported eight police officers had been killed in nationwide clashes since 29 June, while 82 others had been wounded.
Over 1,000 people were hospitalised nationwide after Friday clashes, while 62 cases were treated at the scenes of violence.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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