Daqahlia village residents declare ‘administrative independence’

Residents of Tahseen Village in Daqahlia on Saturday announced their “administrative secession” from their governorate to protest what they described as official disregard of their demands.

Residents of the village declared civil disobedience two weeks ago after issuing demands for better services and utilities, according to state-run Al-Ahram.

They also sent a letter to President Mohamed Morsy in which they said, “From the residents of Tahseen Village to the president of the republic: We announce that as of today we have seceded administratively from Daqahlia Governorate and its oppressive rulers. We emphasize that we abide by the laws of the Egyptian state and fall under the authority of its police, army and presidency.”

They added that they intend to evacuate their village and set up a camp next to the presidential palace on Thursday.

“We do not know if the president of post-revolution Egypt will respond to a letter from the citizens of his state or not. Mr. President, we are addressing you after we have exploited all venues and lost all hope in officials who have forgotten that they are responsible for us before God, the nation and the political leadership,” the letter said.

“We are 3,000 citizens, and a just a quick glance at our conditions would make you feel that we are altogether left out,” the letter added. “You will see the oppression, corruption, poverty, persecution, illiteracy, disease and misery that we suffer. Mr. President, we are strangers in our own country.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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