Court sentences 2 former regime officials to prison

The Cairo Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced former Information Minister Anas al-Fiqqi and former Egyptian Radio and TV Union chief Osama al-Sheikh to prison over corruption-related charges.

The court sentenced Fiqqi to seven years in prison and Sheikh to five.

Prosecutors charged Fiqqi with granting broadcasting rights to Egypt's premier football league in 2009, 2010 and 2011 to private satellite channels free of charge, costing the state LE1.89 million in losses.

The court found Sheikh guilty of squandering LE19 million in public funds, buying and airing 10 TV series in 2009 without approval from the specialized evaluation and pricing panels.

In July, Fiqqi was acquitted on charges of squandering public funds on political propaganda for Egypt’s former ruling National Democratic Party.

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