Court rules on re-opening satellite channels shut down by authorities

An Egyptian court on Saturday ordered the reopening of five satellite channels which had broadcast from the Egyptian satellite NileSat prior to being closed down for alleged contractual breaches with Egyptian authorities. The court also ruled to close another three satellite channels.

The Administrative Court of the State Council ruled that the channels Al-Nas, Al-Siha wa Al-Gamal, and Al-Khaleeijia had spread "witchcraft, deception, sectarian incitement and sedition" through their various programs on sectarian disagreements.

On the other hand it decided that the channels Al-Badr, Wesal, Sifa, Al-Rahma and Al-Hafez had not committed any violations which would justify their closure.

The court also drew attention to the fact that the Egyptian Satellite Company, which is entrusted with granting and terminating satellite broadcast permits, had not warned the channels about the alleged breaches prior to closing the channels down.

The court ordered the relevant agencies to enable the channels to resume broadcasting.

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