Court orders payment of pensions to revolution injured

Cairo's Administrative Court on Wednesday issued a ruling ordering the government to give exceptional pensions to the injured victims of the 25 January revolution.

The ruling said the amount of the pension should be commensurate with the disability the person has and that it should guarantee a decent life for him or her.

Injured victims who have other sources of income will still qualify for the pension, the ruling said.

The Egyptian government had earlier ordered the payment of exceptional pensions only to the families of protesters killed in the revolution.

The interior minister had also decided that similar amounts be paid to the families of policemen killed in the revolution. Injured policemen who received state-funded treatment were also given that pension, while civilians injured in the revolution were left out.

In May, lawyers from the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights filed a case to request the payment of exceptional pensions to injured victims, with the amount being set according to the gravity of the victim's injuries.

The center said they sought to bring justice to people injured in the revolution to ease their suffering, particularly because the government has failed to provide them with reasonable humanitarian and legal compensation, prompting them to stage several protests. The most recent of these protests was held in Tahrir Square in November and sparked the clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street after it was violently dispersed by security forces.

According to the Health Ministry, the number of people killed in the 25 January revolution is estimated at 840 and the injured at 6,467.

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