Court issues suspended sentences for those arrested in Israeli Embassy attack

A military court on Monday issued suspended six-month prison sentences for 87 defendants who were arrested in relation to the attack on the Israeli Embassy on 9 September. The defendants include nine minors.

Egyptian military police arrested the defendants on 9 and 10 September following riots outside the Israeli and Saudi embassies and the Giza Security Directorate, in which three people died and 1049 were injured, including 44 policemen. The defendants were charged with committing acts of thuggery, intimidating the public, assembling a crowd and assaulting a public employee.

“The court dismissed the charges of thuggery and intimidating the public,” said Mohamed Abdel Aziz, the defendants’ lawyer. “The defense will challenge the charge of assembling a crowd due to lack of evidence, especially since the defendants are not affiliated with any political organization and there is no specific relationship between them [and other organizations].”

The State Security Supreme Court is considering another case related to the same incident in which 36 people are being questioned.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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