Court: Egyptians marrying Israeli women to lose citizenship

In a session held last Saturday, the Supreme Administrative Court of the State Council supported a ruling issued by the Administrative Court declaring that Egyptian men who marry Israeli women will be stripped of their citizenship. Under the ruling, only Egyptian men married to Israeli Jewish women will be affected.

The court has required the Interior Ministry to present each case before the cabinet, which will then decide whether the man’s citizenship will be annulled.

The judicial ruling is considered “final and irreversible.”

The attorney Nabil el-Wahash noted in his suit that marriage between young Egyptian men and Israelis is a violation of the constitution, particularly in light of what he termed continued Israeli aggression against the Arabs.

El-Wahash said, “The rulings of the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Constitutional Court confirm that dual-citizens cannot represent the nation due to their divided loyalties. We cannot [sic] allow children of Israeli women, who will have both Egyptian and Israeli citizenship, to fight against us while occupying sensitive positions in Egypt.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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