Copts to stage march decrying abuses

A number of Coptic activist groups have declared their intention to stage a march on Sunday from 5 to 8 pm, moving from the mostly Christian district of Shubra to the state television building, known as Maspero, calling for a stop to abuses against Copts.

The protest will also call for resolving the crisis over the Marinab church in Aswan, which was attacked on 30 September by Muslim citizens who claimed the church had not obtained a proper license for the construction of a dome on the church.

Military police last Wednesday morning forcibly dispersed hundreds of Coptic demonstrators from the area outside the Maspero building, where they were protesting the church attack.

The Maspero Youth Union, Copts Without Restrictions and the Coptic Egyptian Federation said they will take part in a silent vigil before the Maspero building.

Members from the Muslim Sufi order and other political groups will also be present.

A statement by the Maspero Youth Union said its protesters will be dressed in black to voice their sadness over the rising tide of sectarian incidents following the 25 January revolution, in addition to the violent attitude by military police in dispersing their sit-in on Wednesday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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