Coptic MP: Flaws in culture behind recent Coptic protests

Coptic MP Nabil Louqa Bebawi attributed the recent increase in Coptic protests to what he described as a flawed culture which relies on religious institutions for solutions to problems.

Bebawi added that the drawbacks of such a culture outweigh its advantages. He said that both Muslims and Copts tend to rely on religious institutions before state institutions.

Bebawi urged Copts to trust state institutions to address their social issues, saying that they should only protest when the state has failed to help.

The government’s sluggishness in addressing Muslim-Coptic issues has led to the exacerbation of individual problems into large-scale sectarian tensions. The Coptic MP called on the government to address the roots of Coptic issues in Egypt to prevent them from growing worse.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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