Coptic Christians end sit-in

The young Coptic Christian demonstrators who had been staging a sit-in in front of Cairo's Radio and Television building ended their protest after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yehia al-Gamal on Sunday.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces promised demonstrators it would release 11 Copts who were arrested for breaking curfew. Also, the cabinet had met most of their demands and had promised to study the rest of their requests.

“The prime minister promised to rebuild the Maghagha and Al-Adawy Dioceses,” said Rami Kamel, one of the protesters. “He also promised to begin the rebuilding of the Virgin Mary and Bishop Ibram churches in Ezbet al-Nakhl and re-open all churches that were closed for security reasons.”

Thousands of Copts had staged the sit-in after a church in the area of Atfeeh was destroyed in sectarian violence. They ended the protests and returned to their village when their families confirmed that the armed forces were in control and that the village was secure.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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