Conscript killed in North Sinai

A Central Security conscript was killed on Thursday in an armed attack on guards securing a hotel in North Sinai.
The hotel is known to receive security officers who work in the city.
Meanwhile, security forces on Wednesday arrested two men who were carrying a hand grenade at al-Reesa checkpoint. Ali al-Azzazy, the assistant security chief, said security forces arrested them when they were driving a car en route to Arish from the direction of Rafah. They were taken to army officials who will question them to find out if they are involved in terrorist attacks in the governorate.
A security campaign in Arish also led to the arrest of two Palestinians on Tuesday as they were hiding at a former State Security building. One of the suspects had photos of arms and explosives on his mobile phone. They were arrested in preparation of their interrogation in Cairo.
Security sources said that the campaign to comb several homes and neighborhoods in Arish is ongoing. Residents of Sheikh Zowaid blocked the roads leading to the police station there to prevent armed men from reaching it.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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