Committee for new federation of trade unions formed

The committee charged with running the affairs of the new state-run Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions will start work on Sunday, said Abdel Hamid Belal, head of the committee that will prepare the Law for Trade Union Freedoms at the Manpower Ministry. The federation's predecessor was dissolved two days ago.
The committee includes members from socialist groups, independent figures and Muslim Brotherhood members, and it has been suggested that membership may be broadened to include members from revolutionary groups.
Meanwhile Ismail Fahmy, acting president of the dissolved federation, threatened to seek legal action to protest its dissolution, saying the decision violates international agreements. He said he may resort to the United Nations.
Fahmy said he has received no notification of the federation's dissolution.
Kamal Abu Eita, acting president of the independent Trade Union Federation, welcomed the decision however.
Belal said the committee will help rebuild the weak trade unions and supervise trade union elections.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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