Clashes renew between IS, North Sinai tribes, killing 6

Clashes renewed on Friday between tribesmen and terrorist elements of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdes (the "Islamic State" militant groups of northern Sinai) in southern Rafah city, killing 6 people from both sides.

The Tarabin tribe is leading the operations against IS.

Tribal sources and eyewitnesses said that IS elements planted a roadside bomb in Al-Barth area, southern Rafah city, killing one tribesman. The IS elements raided a house of another tribal man at the same area and violent clashes erupted killing four IS elements and tribal man.

Different tribes escalating with "Islamic State" (IS) terrorist organization, including Fawakhreya tribe.

IS militants kidnapped Fawakhreya tribe chief Hamdi Gouda, 85, and set fire to a garage belonging to Mohamed Sahmoud, a senior member of the tribe, two week ago. The terrorist militia kidnapped Sahmoud himself on a week ago.

IS terrorist militias faced off with various tribes in northern Sinai following the kidnapping of several tribal leaders, elders and sheikhs; and the killing of tribe members who cooperate with the security forces.

The events erupted in Al-Arish by mid-April when IS militants chased a car laden with smuggled cigarettes belonging to a tribal leader in the southern Rafah area, and set fire to it after the driver ran away. The tribe members responded by shooting at IS militia members, killing and injuring some of them.

Several hours after the incident, the IS militants raided the house of a tribesman in Rafah city, blew it up, and kidnapped three tribesmen.

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