Clashes break out between police, Brotherhood students near Defense Ministry

Clashes erupted on Sunday between police and Ain Shams University students, affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, near the Defense Ministry.
Police used fire engines’ water hoses to disperse the students ahead of firing teargas bombs on students, who in turn responded by hurling stones.
Military forces placed iron barriers and barbed wire in front of the ministry.
Several students fainted while others suffered asphyxia as a result of the teargas, which caused students inside the university to flee.
Meanwhile, high security measures were taken around the ministry. Five armored vehicles and others for police were stationed while military police formed human shields.
Hundreds of the Brotherhood-affiliated students blocked al-Khalifa al-Mamoun Street, stopping traffic in borh directions, and marched to the ministry to demand the release of the students held during recent political incidents and express rejection against military coup and referendum.
Dozens of the students earlier stormed the university through the main gate to join others protesting in front of the university administration building. Other marches coming from faculties of sciences and medicine joined them. The three of them marched across the campus and headed to the streets.
Protesters raised banners reading students against coup,” “down with military rule” and others, while shouting angry slogans.
In other news, dozens of Faculty of Medicine Student Union members staged protest in front of the faculty in commemoration of the second anniversary of death of their colleague Alaa Abdel Hady, who was killed in violent clashes in front the Cabinet in 2011.
Meanwhile, dozens of students affiliated to Revolutionary Socialists and other groups staged protest before Faculty of Law to commemorate the events.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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