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Chinese virtual tour ‘Horizon of Khufu’ offers glimpse into ancient Egypt

With virtual reality, the dream of travel has become easier than ever – now, no matter who or where you are, technology has opened new frontiers once thought impossible through virtual reality devices.

According to the Shine website, Chinese tourists can take a unique trip back in time to ancient Egypt thanks to the  virtual reality show “Horizon of Khufu” in Shanghai.

This 45-minute virtual and interactive show invites visitors to take a virtual exploration tour of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

The event takes place in an area of 500 square meters in one of the shopping complexes in Shanghai, amongst China’s most populated cities, with the exhibition hall located on the upper floor inside the largest Starbucks branch in Shanghai.

With a VR backpack and augmented reality headset, visitors can instantly travel to the tomb of King Khufu, while a helpful pharaonic cat introduces you to the place and helps visitors uncover its secrets.

This augmented reality experience also allows people to discover the enclosed spaces inside the pyramid of Khufu, tour its richly decorated tombs, funeral rooms, and even climb all the way to the top of the pyramid to see the view of Cairo as it is now.

A technology editor in Shanghai named Miu says she was impressed by the show as it far exceeded her expectations for virtual reality.

She said it provides a new interactive mode that can accommodate large audiences simultaneously, pushing physical boundaries.

But she complained that the backpack was a bit heavy during the 45-minute walk.

Virtual reality creates unprecedented cultural experiences using the latest technology, and helps digital artists practice innovation and heritage preservation.

The Shanghai event is the first time the expo is held outside France, and also the first expo in Asia.

In its four-month world premiere in Paris from June to October last year, it attracted more than 50,000 visitors.

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