China to export 50 electric buses to Egypt in December

The head of the Tanks Production and Repair Company (Military Factory 200) Yousry al-Nemr announced on Monday that the Military Production Ministry has signed an agreement with China to begin manufacturing electric buses.

During an interview with the TEN satellite channel, Nemr explained that the agreement stipulates that China will supply 50 electric buses in December, of which two will arrive at the beginning of September for testing.

Nemr said that the next stage includes training for the company’s cadres to establish the first production line for 500 electric buses alongside a new building for the project, which would help increase rates of annual production to meet local demand.

The company is now working on procedures to train cadres and receive ready-made buses from China, to be the nucleus for the project, he added.

According to Nemr, the Military Production Ministry commissioned the Military Factory 200 to replace fuel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles to slash harmful fuel combustion emissions.

The ministry chose to start with buses as they are the largest and most challenging in setting their different routes, Nemr said, adding that these buses allow for one place for charging by placing chargers in bus garages.

He said that the company is working on a wide scale plan to deploy charging stations in different waiting places and fuel stations to avoid complications, in addition to increasing the battery capacity alongside providing maintenance centers.

Since these electric vehicles do not produce harmful emissions and noise, and will thus gradually help the country transition to a clean and quiet environment, Nemr said, in addition to relieving the economic burden on citizens.

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