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Children’s corner: Tips for healthy egg-painting fun

Here are some tips to bear in mind before starting your Easter egg decorating process with your kids. They will help you avoid health hazards and ensure that you enjoy amazing colorful eggs for the holiday.
1. Before you get started, you have to make sure that all the materials are clean. Wash your hands before and after the decoration process to avoid the transition of any harmful bacteria. Eggs also should be washed before being decorated to make sure they're oil-free.
2. Spread an old tablecloth or newspaper over the table you'll be painting on and wear old clothes because both could get stained.
3. For your health, use natural dyes or food coloring especially if you are going to eat the eggs. Leave the boiling eggs for a long time till you get the color you desire.
4. Make sure that there are no cracks in the eggshells, as cracks could cause food-borne illness. Boiling the eggs for a long time is the best way to avoid cracks.
5. While painting your eggs leave 15 minutes between each step so they get completely dry, as then you will avoid ruining your work.
6. If you are intending to eat your painted eggs later, you should put the hardboiled eggs in the refrigerator after finishing. However, discard them if they are left more than a week.

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