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Children’s Corner: Teach kids to make a mirror frame

A kids’ workshop at Diwan bookstore in Heliopolis held a very interesting activity. Kids made their own personalized mirror frames to put up in the their rooms. The objective was to teach them how to use their hands and creative sense to make something practical and useful. Besides the social skills they learn, they are taught how to handle wooden pieces properly so as not to get any splinters or cuts.

The steps are as follows:

1) Sand a square piece of wood — about 25x25cm — very well, being particularly careful with the edges.

2) Paint the wooden square with your favorite color that matches your room and furniture.

3) Write your name or your favorite quote with paint.

4) Place a mirror — 10x10cm — in the centre or off to one side and stick it using strong glue or a glue gun under close supervision of an adult. Try not to hide any fine art.

5) Decorate the rest of the wooden area with beads, sequins, a photo of yourself with your friends, etc

6) Use the glue gun (under close supervision of an adult) and a small piece of ribbon to stick a hanger on the back side.

7) Ask your mom or dad to help you a hang a nail in the wall or on the back of your door using a hammer.

8) Hang your creation on the nail and enjoy brushing and styling your hair every morning.

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