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CEOWORLD ranks Egypt amongst world’s best tourist destinations for 2024

An American magazine specializing in global tourism, CEOWORLD, revealed its latest global rankings of the best tourist destinations around the world for 2024.

CEOWORLD’S top 10:

  1. Thailand
  2. Greece
  3. Indonesia
  4. Portugal
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. South Africa
  7. Peru
  8. Switzerland
  9. Italy
  10. United Arab Emirates

Egypt and the UAE were the only two Arab countries to make the top 30.

The UAE ranked 10th among due to its huge shopping malls, and famous photo spots.

Egypt came 24th place out of 64 total tourist destinations. Tourists who visited Egypt praised the huge diversity of archaeological sites, its ancient heritage, many shopping places, and rich beach tourism in areas such as the Red Sea.

The top destinations were picked according to a survey of 295,000 travelers, the magazine said, which ranked their experience in visiting beaches or mountains, shopping, and experiencing different cultures.

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