Center: Egypt duped international community on domestic rights abuses

Egypt has possibly succeeded in deceiving the international community concerning its domestic human rights conditions, an Egypt-based organization promoting free speech said in a report.
“Egypt is about to adopt further oppressive measures against civil society seeking to limit its effective role of building a democratic state and defending all sorts of human rights,” Human Rights Documentary Organization Egypt, a center supporting free digital speech, said in its comment on the UN’s country-by-country Universal Periodic Review of the global situation of human rights last November. 
The organization said the Egyptian government had cited its war on terrorism and attempts to impose the rule of law as pretexts for its crackdown on NGOs.
“The Egyptian government has succeeded somehow in deceiving the international community over its domestic practices,” HRDO said, saying that, as a result, recommendations by reviewing countries failed to seriously commit the Egyptian government to respect its freedoms obligations. 
Following the UN review, Egypt officially vowed to guarantee a balance between human rights and requierments for combating terrorism, as well as adopting laws that regulate the work of NGOs.

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