Censors approve film about Nasser, Amer

Egypt’s state censorship board approved the production of the film Al-Raees Wal-Moushir ("The President and the Field Marshal") on Wednesday, written by Mamdouh el-Leithy and to be directed by Khaled Youssef.

The film depicts the lives of Egypt’s iconic late president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, and his chief of staff, Field Marshal Amer, and is expected to touch on the controversial political and military roles played by both men during the 1960s.

Culture Ministry Farouq Hosni had earlier filed an appeal aimed at halting production of the film. But the appeal was subsequently rejected in court, which ruled that the film both adhered to prevailing copyright laws and did not infringe upon national security considerations.

In a related development, el-Leithy was recently re-elected chairman of the Egyptian Association of Cinema Writers and Critics. He will also be responsible for organizing the next Alexandria Film Festival scheduled for September.

"I appreciate having been chosen for both tasks, although I did want a little rest," el-Leithy said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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